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Mergers and Acquisitions

Grupo Zelo e Parque da Colina

GVM | GUIMARÃES & VIEIRA DE MELLO ADVOGADOS has the privilege to announce the conclusion of the M&A deal resulting in a acquisition of 100% (one hundred per cent) of Cemitério e Crematório Parque da Colina, performed by Zelo Goup.

Canopus – EMCASA

GVM | GUIMARÃES & VIEIRA DE MELLO ADVOGADOS has the privilege of announcing the conclusion of the Corporate Transaction, consisting in the total dissolution and liquidation of the Joint Venture formed between EMCASA (a company of the Canopus Group) and CCM.

Grupo Tangará Foods

R$ 265,000,000.00

The GVM | GUIMARÃES & VIEIRA DE MELLO ADVOGADOS has the privilege of announcing the conclusion of the operation in which the Tangará Foods Group entered into an Investment Agreement with a leading multinational group in the reforestation sector for development, through the companies Mamoneira Agropastoril and Khaya Woods Investimentos Florestais – invested of the Tangará Foods Group – from a pioneering African mahogany forestry project in the country, with a total value of R $ 225,000,000.00 (two hundred twenty-five million reais) for the first investment cycle.


The Tangará Foods Group has been operating for almost 50 years in the Global market, being a reference in agropastoril, dairy products and real estate industry.


The GVM | GUIMARÃES & VIEIRA DE MELLO ADVOGADOS served as exclusive advisor to the shareholders of the Tangará Foods Group in the negotiation, structuring and consolidation of the transaction.


US $ 145,000,000.00

The GVM | GUIMARÃES & VIEIRA DE MELLO ADVOGADOS has the privilege of announcing the conclusion of the M&A operation, resulting in the acquisition of 100% (one hundred percent) of Rodoban – Transport of Values (the “Rodoban”), carried out by Brink’s – Security and Transport of Values ​​(the “Brinks”), a leading global American company in the value transportation and security solutions market, worth approximately US $ 145,000,000.00 (R $ 450,000,000.00). *


Rodoban is a national value transport company, operating in the Southeast and Midwest regions, with more than 3,000 direct employees and a fleet of 300 (three hundred) light and strong cars serving more than 6,000 (six thousand) establishments daily.


A pioneer in the segment in which it operates, Brink’s is present in more than 60 (sixty) countries, demonstrating expressive financial and operational solidity, as well as great expertise in the use of its logistics, offering from traditional value transport to a set of integrated solutions.


The GVM | GUIMARÃES & VIEIRA DE MELLO ADVOGADSOS acted as exclusive advisor to Rodoban in structuring and consolidating the transaction with Brink’s.


Brink’s President and Chief Executive Officer Doug Pertz informed in a press release that the acquisition of Rodoban is part of Brink’s commitment to accelerate its profitable growth by making acquisitions in key existing businesses and markets, in which it plans to invest US$ 400.000.000,00 million per year for this purpose in 2018 and 2019. He also said that with the integration of Rodoban, the company will expand its range of services by optimizing its routes and producing other significant cost synergies.


For the President and Founding Partner of Rodoban, Ivaldo Vicente Naves, it is a pride to be part of the world’s largest Secure Logistics and Security Management company. He also underscores the importance of generating customer satisfaction and the constant pursuit of excellence as one of Rodoban’s attractiveness motivators for Brink’s, and this acquisition is extremely important for them, as it demonstrates the value of their efforts and the hard work to achieve their goals.


€ 300,000,000.00

The Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados Office was the exclusive advisor of Intralot Internacional in the issue of guarantees by its Brazilian subsidiaries for the issue of 300 million euros in debt overseas. The transaction involved more than 170 companies of the Intralot International Group in 140 countries, through the structuring of cross guarantees of its international affiliates in order to obtain funds through the issuance of high yeld bonds, in the total amount of € 300,000,000.00.


US $ 25,000,000.00

The Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados Office was the exclusive advisor to Intralot Global Holdings BV, a Dutch subsidiary of Intralot International Group, in structuring and transferring control of the latter’s Brazilian subsidiaries to the former.

In the context of the large business conglomerates that have occurred recently, Intralot International Group sought our Office to advise on the corporate restructuring of its subsidiaries in Brazil, so that control of the transaction could be transferred to the international holding company specially constituted for this purpose: Intralot Global Holdings BV, with the assignment of assets of the Brazilian operation in the order of US$ 25,000,000.00.

Ativas Data Center

R$ 114,000,000.00

The Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados Office advised the Asamar Group in the structuring and consolidation of investment in Ativas Data Center SA, in the amount of R$ 114,000,000.00, made by Sonda IT, a leading Chilean company in Latin America in information technology and Communication.

Ativas + Asamar Group

US$ 50,000,000.00

The Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados Office advised the Asamar Group in the corporate structuring for the setting up of Ativas Data Center S.A., with an initial investment of US $ 50,000,000.00

ALE Fuels

R$ 106,000,000.00 IN INVESTMENTS

The Guimarães & Vieira de Mello Advogados Office advised on the corporate structuring of the companies to explore oil rights in the 7th and 9th ANP Petroleum Round.

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