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Areas of Expertise

Our work for development and multidisciplinary work in several areas.

Environmental Law

  • Obtaining permits from the competent environmental control agencies;
  • Acting in administrative and judicial defenses in environmental matters;
  • Preparation of contracts related to environmental activity;
  • Elaboration of legal opinions on norms and regulations applicable to environmental activity.


Intellectual Property/Internet/E-Commerce

  • Assistance in the registration of trademarks, patents, software, copyrights and domain names in Brazil and abroad;
  • License agreements for trademarks, patents, software and copyrights;
  • Transfer of technology, provision of technical services, franchises and assignments of such rights;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation at all levels;
  • Content license agreements, partnerships, co-branding, hosting, access, development of special tools, etc .;
  • Negotiation with potential investors and start-up or already established companies and preparation of relevant documentation for investments or sale of interests in internet companies;
  • Resolution of trademark conflicts x domain names;
  • Consulting in sales, marketing and contracting online;

Administrative and Regulatory Law (Biddigns, Concessions, Public – Private Partnership)

  • Elaboration and monitoring of judicial and administrative actions involving public services;
  • Consultancy in matters involving public power;
  • Consultancy in Public – Private Partnerships – PPPs;
  • Assistance to utilities concessionaires;
  • Advising in public competitions, national and international biddings and contracting in the sectors of telecommunications, energy, oil, natural gas, highways and construction in general;
  • Monitoring of suits in the public finance courts;
  • Administrative and judicial claims related to administrative acts in public bids and contracts;
  • Studies and reports on concession of public works, privatization and PPPs.

Advisory and Labour Litigation/Social Security/Sport Law

  • Employment contract;
  • Collective agreements and Conventions;
  • Union Negotiation;
  • Collective bargaining;
  • Consulting for foreigners, permanent and temporary visas;
  • Consulting for athletes and sports organizations;
  • Sponsorship and licensing agreements;
  • Authorization agreements for use of the image;
  • Employment contratcs between clubs and athletes;
  • Consultancy in national and international transactions;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation at all levels.

Financial and Competition

  • Analysis and elaboration of reports regarding contracts and commercial practices;
  • Notifications of acts of economic concentration;
  • Litigation advice involving subsidy issues, safeguards, countervailing measures and dumping;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation at all levels.

Real Estate Law

  • Advisory services for rural and urban real estate transactions;
  • Contracts for planning, construction and real estate management;
  • Incorporations, dismemberments, condominium institution, subdivisions and other real estate complexes;
  • Real estate funds.

Family Law and Inheritance

  • Preparation of prenuptial agreement;
  • Processes of consensual and litigious divorce and related divorce proceedings, among which, the action of alimony, child custody action, visitation regulations, and enrollment of the couple’s property resulting from separation or divorce;
  • Elaboration of succession planning aiming at the preservation of family patrimony;
  • Inventory and apportionment of assets.

Corporate, Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Constitution and structuring of Companies;
  • Operation of foreign companies in Brazil;
  • Minutes, statutes and social contracts;
  • Shareholder agreements;
  • Corporate reorganizations: incorporation, mergers and divisions;
  • Joint Ventures and strategic alliances;
  • Public offerings of securities;
  • Legal audits;
  • Assistance in the entry of foreign capital into the country;
  • Assistance in the structuring of national companies in other countries.

Qualified Mass Litigation

  • Consumer relations;
  • Civil actions;
  • Special courts;
  • Labor actions;
  • Wide network of national and international correspondents;
  • Administrative procedures.

Banking/Financial Operations

  • Banking and intercompany loans;
  • Project Finance Structuring;
  • Financing of imports and exports;
  • Documentary credits;
  • Securitization of receivables and leverage on future receivables;
  • Issuance of securities abroad, private and public placements;
  • National and international Leasing;
  • Exchange operations;
  • Derivative instruments and futures markets;
  • Direct and indirect foreign investments;
  • Onlending of external credit;
  • Activity of Development Banks;
  • Consortium;
  • Performance bonds;
  • Venture Capital;
  • Stock and fixed income funds;
  • Foreign investment funds;
  • Regulation of Central Bank;
  • Bank and international guarantees;
  • Credit assignments;
  • Internet Banking;
  • Reorganization of debts and credit recovery.

International Law

  • Antidumping, safeguards and compensatory measures (subsidies);
  • Analysis of matters related to international trade, including issues related to rules of origin,   tariff preference systems, quota regime, among others;
  • Monitoring of international negotiations and support with the Brazilian authorities;
  • Consulting and analysis of tariff and non-tariff barriers, such as technical, sanitary, phytosanitary and quantitative barriers.

Civil and Commercial Consulting / Contracts

  • Preparation of consultations and legal opinions;
  • Assessment of contractual and non-contractual risks and responsibilities;
  • Guidance in structuring business and contracts;
  • Preventive or preparatory analysis of judicial actions, administrative procedures, bidding, mediation and arbitration;
  • Elaboration and analysis of civil and commercial contracts, among others;
  • Supply contract;
  • Distribution agreement;
  • Commercial representation agreement;
  • Contract for services;
  • Contract of promise and public deed of purchase of sale of property;
  • Mortgage writing;
  • Pledge agreement;
  • Analysis of contractual clauses;
  • Legal opinions on contracts and contractual arrangements;
  • Negotiation of contracts.

Advisory and Litigation – Criminal

  • Preparation of consultations and legal opinions;
  • Assessment of risks and responsibilities;
  • Guidance in structuring business and contracts;
  • Preventive or preparatory analysis of lawsuits;
  • Analysis of contractual clauses;
  • Compliance;
  • Attend to Criminal Public Bodies;
  • Elaboration of petitions, representations and judicial appeals;

Advisory and Tax Litigation

  • Consulting and tax planning;
  • Income Tax of Individuals and Legal Entities – IRPJ and IRPF;
  • Tax on Industrialized Products – IPI;
  • Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transportation and Communication – ICMS;
  • Tax on Services of Any Nature – ISSQN;
  • Tax on Financial Transactions – IOF;
  • Provisional Contribution on Financial Transactions – CPMF;
  • PIS / PASEP, COFINS and other social contributions;
  • Intervention Contributions in the Economic Domain – CIDE;
  • Transfer prices;
  • Tax breaks;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation at all levels.


  • Representation in arbitration and mediation procedures before major institutions in Brazil or abroad;
  • Acting as arbitrators and mediators before the main institutions of Brazil or abroad;
  • Performance as expert witness in national or international arbitrations;
  • Representation in processes of compliance with national arbitration awards;
  • Homologation and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards;
  • Representation in processes to guarantee the effectiveness of the arbitration and the procedure;
  • Assistance in the elaboration of arbitration clauses and resolution of conflicts.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Commercial and civil relations;

  • Corporate divergences;
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and judicial rehabilitation;
  • Indemnity for illicit acts;
  • Health insurance;
  • Homogeneous Collective and Individual Diffuse Rights (environment, consumer, assets and rights of artistic, aesthetic, historical, tourist and landscape value);
  • Popular Actions and Administrative Improbity;
  • Public Civil Inquiries and Actions;
  • Recovery of credit (execution and authorization of credit in bankruptcies and judicial recoveries);
  • Ownership and possession of real estate;
  • Homologation and enforcement of foreign judgments, arbitration awards, execution of rogatory letters;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation at all levels.

Land Regularization – Rural and / or urban properties

Land Regularization – Rural and / or urban properties

Management and validation of technical work of georeferencing;

Regularization on Notary’s Office: registry, annotations (area rectification, dismemberment, condominium extinction, incorporations, buildings);

Out-of-court Adverse Possession, Narrowing, Out-of-court Inventories;

Regularization of registrations before federal, state and municipal bodies;

Lease, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Exchange, Donation;

Agronomic Technical Report and Evaluation Report of the Property;

Advice for rural and urban real estate transactions and Analysis and Reduction of Taxes;

Assistance in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings in land disputes;

Judicial Regularization: Petition and Possessory Actions;

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